Jasper Johns, 1973

Jasper Johns, 1973


This triptych consists of three photographs that cannot be sold individually. Each photograph, signed by Oliviero Toscani, is in 50 × 70 cm size.

Oliviero Toscani photographed Jasper Johns in his studio on Bowery Street in 1973. Jasper was particularly in a good mood that day because his maid’s son ran and made him happy. The photos has been published in Vogue.

The order includes 1 triptych consisting of 3 photos 50x70cm. To order more triptychs please select on the right.

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Questo trittico, composto da tre fotografie non vendibili singolarmente, è disponibile fino al 10 novembre 2020. Ogni fotografia, firmata da Oliviero Toscani, è in formato 28×35. Verranno venduti al massimo 20 trittici.

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3 foto 50×70 cm

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